People Wearing 'Sprinkles The Cat' Spandex That Stares Deep Into Your Soul

August 28, 2015

Getting ready for an intense workout at the gym? Don't forget to put on your favorite pair of cat spandex!

sprinkles cat spandex

"Sprinkles the Cat" spandex is for people of all shapes and sizes.

cat spandex pictures

We're not kitten around!

cat spandex pictures

Wearing cat spandex is not limited to gyms - you can wear them to all types of fun events. Like baseball games...

cat spandex pictures

cat spandex pictures

And whatever this guy is doing...

cat spandex pictures

Did we mention that with Sprinkles, you'll totally get the girl?

cat spandex funny

Because Sprinkles always has your back.

cat spandex pictures

Purchase your own at

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