The Reason This Firefighter Is Smiling So Big Will Make Your Day

July 13, 2016

Shawn Wiebe has been dubbed the "ridiculously photogenic firefighter" after being photographed saving an elderly woman from High River, Alberta, floodwaters.

ridiculously photogenic firefighter
Lyle Aspinall/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency

The priceless smile was prompted by the woman telling Weibe, "I haven't been carried like this since my wedding day."

firefighter smiling carrying old woman
Lyle Aspinall/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency

Wiebe said the firefighters back at the station have been joking with him, calling him their superhero and rock star.

Wiebe said it's amazing how that one smile was able to inspire so many people and that for many that he's heard from, it's a motivation to keep going.

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