WATCH: Dog Opens 3 Doors, Navigates Down Hallways And Escapes Animal Hospital

April 12, 2017 / 10,452 views

A surveillance video posted by WJLA-TV shows a dog opening several doors and letting himself out of a Stafford, Virginia, animal hospital.

After Losing His Wife Of 72 Years, He Turned To Baking To Help Those In Need

April 12, 2017 / 16,293 views

Leo lost his beloved wife in 1993 due to dementia complications. After her death, the 98-year-old from Hastings, Nebraska, started baking.

Taiwan Becomes The First Country In Asia To Ban The Consumption Of Cats And Dogs

April 12, 2017 / 7,329 views

Taiwan has become the first country in Asia to pass legislation banning the consumption of cats and dogs.

Furnace Goes Out The Day Their Baby Is Born. Then They Get This Note In The Mail

April 11, 2017 / 15,709 views

When the heat suddenly stops working in your home in the middle of winter in Minnesota, it's enough to cause some stress. But when you have a newborn baby, one might panic.

Judge Declares Chimp Has Rights, Sets Her Free From Zoo In Historic Ruling

April 11, 2017 / 13,239 views

For several years, the Association of Animal Rights Officials (AFADA) in collaboration with the Great Simian Project of Spain and Brazil have fought for the freedom of Cecilia the chimp who remained alone after the death of her two companions at the Mendo

New York Just Made Tuition Free At Public Colleges For The Middle Class

April 10, 2017 / 7,428 views

New York will be the first state to make tuition free for some residents at four-year public colleges.

Man Proves, Once Again, That Kindness Can Be A Calling

April 09, 2017 / 10,558 views

Since his story first aired, Eugene has been looking for another total stranger to help with another huge act of kindness. And here he is.

9 Friends Take Total Stranger On Vacation After Pal With Same Name Dropped Out

April 08, 2017 / 13,612 views

Joe McGrath, 21, from Manchester, England had nothing to lose when the nine strangers contacted him online and offered him a free vacation.

Stranger Helps Amputee Up The Stairs, Then Returns The Next Day And Builds Him A Ramp

April 07, 2017 / 21,326 views

A stranger driving by saw the couple struggling to get in the house and circled back around. Steve Smith pulled up and asked if he could help, then lifted Don up and helped him into the house.

High School Journalists Investigate New Principal. Days Later, She Resigns

April 06, 2017 / 15,387 views

Members of a high school newspaper investigated their newly hired principal. Days after the students found discrepancies in her credentials, the principal resigned.

Sweden Opens The World's First 'Recycling' Mall

April 05, 2017 / 12,673 views

It's the first mall of its kind in Sweden, and as far as they know, the first in the world.

3-Year-Old Who Lost An Eye To Cancer Loves Her New One-Eyed Doll

April 04, 2017 / 14,684 views

'My favorite part of this photo is how she is wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown. It perfectly represents the strength and courage of this little superhero.'

Watch Indian Villagers Pour Water Into The Mouth Of A Thirsty King Cobra

April 03, 2017 / 10,042 views

In a recent video that has gone viral, a man quenches the thirst of a massive King Cobra that slithered into the populated village in search of water.

His Yellow Car Was Vandalized For Being 'Ugly'. Then HUNDREDS Of Yellow Cars Show Up

April 02, 2017 / 10,508 views

This is Peter Maddox. The 84-year-old had to scrap his bright yellow car after vandals wrote 'move' on it and smashed in his windows causing £6,000 worth of damage in February.

Dog Missing For 4 Years Turns Up On Owner's Front Porch

April 02, 2017 / 21,945 views

'I have been many places and seen many things, human. It's time we had a chat.'

He Found A Lifeless Bear Cub And Faced A Tough Decision

April 01, 2017 / 43,867 views

On Monday evening, Corey Hancock of Salem, Oregon, went for a hike near the Santiam River looking to take some photos. But when the rain became too heavy to take pictures, Hancock turned back and found something unexpected.

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