Horse Rescued By Helicopter After Falling Through Bridge

January 07, 2017 / 11,566 views

A horse was rescued after it fell through a bridge over the Rotbach river in Switzerland.

This Is Why You Should NEVER Use Q-Tips To Clean Your Ears

January 06, 2017 / 10,749 views

There's a reason Q-Tips come with a warning to never use them in your ears.

Cowboy Dies Suddenly, Then His Grieving Horse Smells His Casket And Breaks Down

January 06, 2017 / 18,346 views

After 34-year-old Wagner Lima died suddenly on New Year's Day in a motorcycle accident, dozens of family members and friends attended the Paraguayan cowboy's funeral.

'Everyone Deserves To Eat, No Questions Asked': Restaurant Offers Free Food To Those Who Can't Afford To Pay

January 06, 2017 / 8,013 views

'It doesn't matter, because at night if you still have leftover food you end up throwing it out, so why not give to those in need?'

Hair Stylist Makes Mom's Day By Going Above And Beyond For Her Son

January 05, 2017 / 10,623 views

A hairdresser in Charleston, S.C. did more for a mother's heart than she will probably ever know.

Software Engineer Spends His Spare Time Looking After 735 Abandoned Dogs

January 05, 2017 / 6,610 views

Rakesh Shukla, the founder of a software company in India, spends three to four days every week on a farm, taking care of his 735 canines.

Little Girl Cries About Missing The Chance To See The President. He Found Out And Called Her On New Year's Eve

January 04, 2017 / 5,986 views

A little girl named Neisha from Indonesia really wanted to see President Joko Widodo while he was on a trip to Tomohon, North Sulawesi, last Tuesday. But a trip to the bathroom caused her to miss him driving by.

2-Year-Old Saves Twin Brother From Being Crushed Under Fallen Dresser

January 03, 2017 / 27,113 views

A two-year-old boy saved his twin brother after a dresser fell on top of him, and the incredible moment was captured on camera.

Irish Mom Is Donating TWO Organs To Save Her Little Boy's Life

January 03, 2017 / 11,731 views

Sarah Lamont from Antrim, Ireland said she hasn't doubted for a second her decision to donate both a kidney and part of her liver to save her 4-year-old son Joe.

China - The World's Largest Ivory Market - Bans All Ivory Trading And Processing

December 31, 2016 / 7,765 views

China has won a huge battle in the war against elephants.

Texas Police Officer Makes Teen Do 200 Push-Ups Instead Of Arresting Him

December 31, 2016 / 9,938 views

An Arlington, Texas police officer allows a teenager to do 200 push-ups instead of serving jail time for smoking weed.

Kid Saves All His Birthday Money To Surprise Dad With A PS4 On Christmas

December 30, 2016 / 13,257 views

A selfless 11-year-old boy saved up all his birthday money until he could afford to get his father a Playstation 4 for Christmas.

Uber Driver Notices Something Is Wrong, Saves 16-Year-Old Girl From Sex Trafficking

December 30, 2016 / 15,875 views

An Uber driver in Sacramento, California started his day like any other — but ended up saving a 16-year-old girl from child sex trafficking.

Her Parents Wouldn't Buy Her A Horse, So She Trained Her Dairy Cow Instead

December 29, 2016 / 43,914 views

At 11 years old, Hannah Simpson was told she couldn't have a horse because they are too expensive. So the farm worker from New Zealand decided to hop on the next best thing instead - a dairy cow.

Iowa Cabinet Company Boss Takes All 800 Employees On Caribbean Cruise

December 28, 2016 / 7,300 views

Bertch Cabinets in Waterloo, Iowa, announced this week that they will be closing all facilities January 8 - 13. The company's not moving out of town. The employees are.

Breaking News! Kid Runs Up To Local News Team With A Special Request

December 27, 2016 / 8,551 views

A reporter for Fox 29 News in Philadelphia shared a touching behind-the-scenes moment while covering a story that will make your day.

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