Little Girl Uses Google Translate To Ask A New Student To Sit With Her At Lunch

November 04, 2016 / 17,451 views

Two elementary school students in California have proven that friendship can go beyond any language barrier. Amanda Moore does not speak Spanish but she didn't let that stop her from reaching out to a new classmate at Paloma Elementary who doesn't speak E

Boy Says Final Goodbye To His 91-Year-Old Best Friend Who Lived Next Door

November 04, 2016 / 14,599 views

For ten years, the Rychner family and Erling Kindem lived next to each other in a Minneapolis suburb, but didn't have much of a relationship beyond saying hello. That changed after Emmett came along.

New Zealand's Natives Are Showing Their Support For Standing Rock In A Powerful Way

November 03, 2016 / 7,150 views

The Maoris just took Standing Rock solidarity up a notch with their viral war dance.

Man Keeps His Promise, Drives 600 Miles To Listen To Cubs Win With His Father At His Grave

November 03, 2016 / 13,201 views

Wayne Williams got in his car Wednesday and drove back home from North Carolina to Indiana to keep a decades-old promise to his late father.

Watch: Dog Is Rescued After Being Buried Alive By Earthquake In Italy

November 02, 2016 / 5,838 views

Italian firefighters rescue a dog the day after it was buried alive in rubble.

We're About To See The Biggest And Brightest Supermoon In Nearly 70 Years

November 02, 2016 / 51,332 views

The full moon of November 14 is not only the closest full moon of 2016, but also the closest full moon to date in the 21st century.

Math Professor Encourages Moms To Show Up To Class With Their Babies

November 01, 2016 / 7,778 views

Being a parent is already a daunting task, which can make having a job and/or attending college very difficult. That's why thousands of people are sharing the photo Sarah Thompson posted to her Facebook page of her Math professor teaching class while hold

One's Jewish And One's Muslim. Together They Created The Best Halloween Costume

November 01, 2016 / 8,183 views

Casey is Jewish and Yasmin is Muslim. So for Halloween this year, they created a joint costume: A superhero team called 'The Juslims.'

Dad Passes Out Candy On Flight So Daughter Can Trick-Or-Treat On Halloween

November 01, 2016 / 16,711 views

Dad felt bad that his three-year-old daughter had to be on a plane during Halloween night, so he found a way to make it super special for her, who was dressed as a doughnut.

Retired Couple Share Their 25-Acre Farm With Vets Suffering From PTSD

October 31, 2016 / 8,184 views

The retired couple is transforming their property into Honor Ranch: a refuge for veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

4-Year-Old Befriends A Lonely Man And Helps Him Heal After Losing His Wife

October 29, 2016 / 14,536 views

This little girl changed his life more than she could ever know.

Workers Rescue A Cat Seen Swimming A Mile Out At Sea

October 29, 2016 / 11,802 views

A cat is spotted a mile out at sea. Workers struggle to catch it and eventually decide to start up a conveyor belt they use for removing solid waste from the water.

Bachelor Party Turns Into Rescue Party When An Unexpected Visitor Shows Up

October 28, 2016 / 19,197 views

They were about to kick off a bachelor party in Tennessee until the group of eight men had an unexpected visitor at the door.

Toys R Us Is Offering Quiet Shopping Hour For Kids With Autism This Holiday Season

October 28, 2016 / 11,426 views

Toys R Us locations across the U.K. are hosting a quiet hour for parents of kids who have autism this holiday season.

Volunteers Make Special Tiny Halloween Costumes For NICU Babies

October 27, 2016 / 9,639 views

Babies in the NICU at a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, got a special Halloween surprise!

Woman Tries To Teach Husband A Lesson, Accidentally Wins $1 Million On Scratch-Off

October 26, 2016 / 9,013 views

'I was going to be ugly and buy a scratch off to show him they didn't hit.'

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