This Mom Didn't Sell Anything At A Craft Fair So Twitter Bought Everything

December 06, 2016 / 10,701 views

A couple weeks ago, Martyn Hett from Manchester, England checked in with his mom to see if she was having a nice time at the craft fair. She told him she was a bit sad that no one was buying any of her stuff.

Workers Finally Catch Who's Been Moving Cones Into The Road. Then They Learn Why...

December 06, 2016 / 8,558 views

Construction workers in New Zealand were shocked after discovering that a mischievous group of kea birds had been dragging traffic cones into the middle of the road.

Tommee Tippy Comes To The Rescue After Dad's Plea For A Sippy Cup Goes Viral

December 05, 2016 / 5,988 views

For a 14-year-old boy with severe autism, this little blue sippy cup wasn't just a drinking vessel -- it was a lifeline.

Lady Gaga Surprises Teens At Homeless Shelter, Hopes To Inspire 1 Million Acts Of Kindness

December 05, 2016 / 7,092 views

'I am no better than any of those kids. And I'm no worse than any of them. We are equal. We both walk our two feet on the same earth. And we're in this together.'

'Cat Yoga' Is A Big Hit At This Rescue Shelter In Georgia

December 04, 2016 / 4,680 views

Good Mews, a cage-free cat shelter in Marietta, Georgia, hosts 'Cat Yoga' classes as a way to attract new adopters to their facility, and classes are filling up fast: The next class with spots still available is in January.

This Incredible Woman Has Adopted 35 Unwanted Children, Including 26 With Special Needs

December 03, 2016 / 8,409 views

'They'll always feel loved.' Christie Jameson and her husband Alva had two children of their own, but felt they had room in their home and their hearts for several more children, so they began to adopt.

More Young People Are Watching 'Planet Earth II' Than Reality Singing Shows

December 02, 2016 / 6,381 views

The BBC has confirmed the first three episodes of Planet Earth II has brought in more viewers in the 16 to 35 age demographic than reality TV show The X Factor.

Dolly Parton Is Donating $1,000/Month To Families Who Lost Homes In Tennessee Fires

December 01, 2016 / 6,663 views

Country music legend Dolly Parton announced Thursday a new effort to assist the victims of the Great Smoky Mountain wildfires in Tennessee.

Retired Grandpa Uses Free Time To Build Backyard Roller Coasters For His 6 Grandkids

December 01, 2016 / 13,469 views

A retired aerospace engineer has spent the past two years designing and building roller coasters in his backyard for his grandchildren.

No-Kill Cat Rescue Owner Makes Repeat Trip Into Smoke-Filled Building And Saves Nearly 20 Cats

December 01, 2016 / 3,719 views

Jean Favini runs Oasis for Animals, a no-kill rescue organization located in Langley, WA. A fire at the organization's facility would have been the end for all the cats if not for Favini's heroic act.

India Unveils The World's Largest Solar Power Plant

November 30, 2016 / 3,952 views

The facility has a capacity of 648 MW and covers an area of 10 sq km, making it the largest solar power plant at a single location.

People Paid A Company $100,000 To Dig A Giant Hole For No Reason

November 29, 2016 / 7,952 views

As Americans spent billions on Black Friday shopping, the makers of Cards Against Humanity convinced thousands of people to give them money so that they could dig a giant hole.

Patagonia Reached $10 Million In Black Friday Sales And Is Donating Every Dollar To Save The Planet

November 29, 2016 / 6,337 views

Outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia reached a record-breaking $10 million in Black Friday sales and is donating every single dollar to helping save the environment.

Lost Cat Mittens Flitton Conquers Utah's Wasatch Mountains To Get Home

November 28, 2016 / 5,174 views

What stood between Mittens and his home was the impossible: the Wasatch Mountains — rugged terrain and peaks approaching 12,000 feet. The impossible.

Man Holds This Sign Outside Of Texas Mosque

November 27, 2016 / 9,601 views

A photo of a Texas man holding up a sign outside of a mosque is going viral for all the right reasons.

Little Boy Calls 911, Invites Police Working On Thanksgiving To Dinner With His Family

November 26, 2016 / 9,638 views

A little boy melted all the hearts in Walton County Sheriff's Office Communication Center in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

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