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This Egg Drop Experiment Goes Wrong In The Best Way Possible

June 07, 2017 / 1,641 views

A hilarious ending to a failed egg drop experiment.

Mickey And Minnie Realize He's Deaf. Now Watch His Surprise When They Use Sign Language

June 06, 2017 / 7,413 views

Just when you thought Disneyland couldn't get any more magical.

Robbie Williams Got Emotional Singing 'Angels' In Manchester, So The Crowd Took Over

June 06, 2017 / 1,710 views

Robbie Williams dedicates 'Angels' to the victims of the Manchester attack but struggles to keep his composure. Then the crowd takes over.

Chris Martin's Performance Of 'Don't Look Back In Anger' For Manchester Gave Me Chills

June 06, 2017 / 1,247 views

Coldplay's Chris Martin performs 'Don't Look Back In Anger' at One Love Manchester.

This Wolf And Bear Cub Playing Together Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

June 06, 2017 / 1,666 views

Video of grizzly bear cub and wolf cub playing.

Ariana Grande Sings 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' As The Closing Song Of Her Manchester Benefit Concert

June 05, 2017 / 1,623 views

To close out her benefit concert for the victims of the Manchester bombing, Ariana Grande performed a beautiful rendition of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Police Officer Goes Undercover As A Man In A Wheelchair, Gets Unexpected Results

June 05, 2017 / 1,927 views

Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley went undercover on the Downtown Eastside as a mobility and cognitively disabled person. What he found may surprise you.

Man Plays Soothing Green Day Cover While His Dog Snuggles Her Elephant

June 05, 2017 / 1,972 views

This man playing guitar to his dog may well be the most soothing thing I've seen in a long time.

This Is One Of The Best Responses To A Heckler I've Ever Heard

June 05, 2017 / 2,059 views

Comedian Jimmy Carr is asked when the comedy begins by a heckler. His response is priceless.

Elephant Puts A Branch On Its Head To Look Like A Rhino

June 04, 2017 / 2,150 views

You think your horn is cool? Well look at me, I got a stick.

Norm Macdonald Tells Hilarious Joke About A Frog Asking For A Loan

June 04, 2017 / 1,953 views

Only Norm Macdonald could make this joke funny.

Dog Goes Crazy When He Sees His Owner After 3 Years

June 04, 2017 / 2,056 views

We can learn so much about love from dogs.

Jim Carrey's Speech On The Meaning Of Life Is What You Need To Hear Right Now

June 03, 2017 / 2,066 views

'The affect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.'

Watch The Reaction Of US Soldiers In Vietnam When They Hear They're Going Home

June 03, 2017 / 1,866 views

The sheer happiness and relief they all share at this moment is wonderful.

Guy Trying To Report The Weather Gets Attacked By A Pelican And Can't Stop Laughing

June 03, 2017 / 1,724 views

Need a good laugh? Look no further.

He's Filming This Insane Storm Forming, Then He Pans Left And OMG!

June 03, 2017 / 2,063 views

This storm in Mexico looks like the end of days.

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