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The Audience Laughs At A Male Abuse Victim. Then The Host Rips Them For Double Standards

February 09, 2017 / 5,375 views

During an interview with a domestic abuse victim, members of the audience begin to laugh. Host Jeremy Kyle immediately interrupts the man to call the audience out on double standards.

Voice Actor Goes Viral For His 'Villain Who Unintentionally Always Does Helpful Things'

February 09, 2017 / 1,988 views

ProZD is a voice actor that has been gaining popularity recently for his funny takes on video game characters with personal issues.

Her Twin Sister Lives Far Away. Watch The Reaction When She Surprises Her At Her Doorstep

February 08, 2017 / 3,174 views

Twins separated across Canada are reunited.

He Spent 20 Years In The Arctic Building This Magical Ice Cave Concert Hall

February 08, 2017 / 1,850 views

And all the instruments inside the glowing cave are made of ice.

Little Girl In Tutu Gets Stuck. When She Makes The Turn, Her Friends Are Overjoyed

February 08, 2017 / 4,458 views

I think more skateboarders should wear tutus. It's definitely a good look.

For Some Reason, People Give This Cat Money. And No One Dares Take It From Him

February 08, 2017 / 3,571 views

This cat knows how to protect his cash.

She Got A Ticket For Parking At 9:59PM In A 10PM Zone. The Judge Handles It Wonderfully

February 08, 2017 / 29,393 views

A great courtroom interaction over a questionable parking ticket.

Comedian's Raffle For The Waitstaff Gets Unexpectedly Emotional When A Single Dad Wins

February 08, 2017 / 6,475 views

Comedian Bert Kreischer did a raffle for waitstaff. The best part is how excited everyone is for the winner.

Tears For Fears Takes A Detour, Joins Man In An Orchard For A Magical Performance

February 07, 2017 / 4,875 views

Ted Yoder recently uploaded a video to Facebook of himself playing 'Everybody Wants to Rule The World' on the dulcimer. Curt Smith and Jamie Wollam of Tears for Fears decided he could use some accompaniment. The result is magical.

Matt Damon Crashes Jimmy Kimmel Live Dressed As Tom Brady

February 07, 2017 / 4,996 views

The fake feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon continues...

Two Street Performers Engage In An Epic Battle Of The Bass

February 07, 2017 / 3,292 views

The female bassist is America Paz and the male bassist is Eduardo Sitjà. Enjoy!

Bob Proctor Explains How Your Vibration Is The Key To Life And Happiness

February 07, 2017 / 3,897 views

The vibration you're in is going to determine what you attract in your life. So what frequency are you on?

You Need To Hear Sara Bareilles Cover Sia's 'Chandelier' With A Ukulele

February 07, 2017 / 3,504 views

Just when I think I can't be more moved or impressed by Sara Bareilles, she takes on 'Chandelier' and does it acoustic.

Christopher Walken Recites 'Bye Bye Bye' Lyrics, Then Looks To Timberlake For Approval

February 07, 2017 / 3,278 views

Bai's Super Bowl commercial has Christopher Walken reciting lines from NSYNC's 'Bye Bye Bye,' with Justin Timberlake by his side.

He Goes Looking For Eggs, Then Sees What The Chicken Is Keeping Warm

February 07, 2017 / 7,522 views

This is one of the cutest videos you'll see today. As he enters the chicken coop, he notices one of his chickens is keeping something warm in the corner. When he pets her to see how many eggs she has, a tiny kitten emerges.

No Politics, No Controversy: Lady Gaga Brings The Nation Together At Super Bowl Halftime Show

February 06, 2017 / 5,036 views

Watch the full video of Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime performance right here.

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