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Hugh Jackman Is Being Interviewed, Then Pulls The Guy In Because He Used To Be His Teacher

March 24, 2017 / 3,587 views

That awkward moment when Hugh Jackman remembers he taught you at school

This Old Couple Dancing Will Make Your Day

March 22, 2017 / 12,458 views

This video of an elderly couple dancing is guaranteed to make you smile.

Hearts Are Melting Over This 'Cheesy' Prom Proposal For A Girl With Down Syndrome

March 21, 2017 / 4,383 views

For as long as Shaedon Wedel has known Carlie, the young girl with Down Syndrome has had a love of Doritos.

Stephen Colbert Brought His Wife Out On 'The Late Show' And They're Adorable

March 20, 2017 / 8,105 views

Stephen Colbert's wife makes a cameo on the Late Show.

A Chinese Girl Meets Her Adopted Parents For The First Time. I Can't Stop Crying

March 20, 2017 / 7,034 views

Fen is Chinese and her new family is from the US. But Fen shows us that language barriers can't stop the feeling of love and joy.

Two Roosters Start Fighting. Watch What Mr Turkey Does When He Spots It

March 20, 2017 / 7,491 views

When a red rooster decided to challenge the alpha black rooster, the turkey police rushed in to break it up.

This Goose Is SO HAPPY To See His Favorite Human

March 19, 2017 / 11,800 views

How much does this goose LOVE his human mother? Just watch.

These Kids Are So Happy Dancing. Now Watch What The 'Leader' Does For Everyone

March 16, 2017 / 4,311 views

These kids in Africa might not have much, but they make the best of what they do have. I love the leader making sure everyone gets their moment to shine!

Mom Tells Her Daughter There's A Surprise In Her Room. Her Reaction Has Me Crying With Her

March 16, 2017 / 5,767 views

An adorable 9-year-old girl is surprised with a new kitten and cries tears of joy.

She Has Alzheimer's And Doesn't Recognize Her Daughter. Then She Suddenly Says Her Name

March 14, 2017 / 6,486 views

Watch the beautiful moment an Alzheimer's patient recognizes her daughter again and tells her she loves her.

Grandma Couldn't Make The Wedding So... The Wedding Came To Her

March 14, 2017 / 5,576 views

The way she adjusted her hair and smiled made my heart melt.

An African Tribe Hears A Recording Of Their Music For The First Time

March 12, 2017 / 2,834 views

An amazing moment when they start smiling.

This Baby's Reaction To Daddy Coming Home Will Make You Ridiculously Happy

March 11, 2017 / 10,760 views

This is one of the most precious things I've ever seen in my life.

Baby Rhino Squeaks Because He Doesn't Want To Be Left Alone

March 11, 2017 / 3,943 views

Morgan Pelt spent time working at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Ollie the orphaned baby rhino is one of many animals that she got to know and love.

Dads In Prison Got To Spend A Day With Their Children And It Was Beautiful

March 10, 2017 / 5,215 views

The children of prisoners, the silent victims of incarceration, get a rare opportunity to spend a day with their fathers behind bars.

A Full-Grown Wild Rhino Demands Belly Rubs From Photographer

March 10, 2017 / 10,050 views

If a rhino walks straight up to you while you're filming and wants some belly rubs... you better rub that rhino!

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