Hero Cop Drives Car AND Does CPR At The Same Time To Save Toddler's Life

October 5, 2014

A New York police officer's instincts and training helped him save the life of a 22 month-old boy having a seizure.

cop saves boys life

Matt Morgan's son, also named Matthew, suffered a seizure and collapsed. The 19-year-old grabbed the small lifeless body and jumped into his car. Speeding through the Dutchess County Village of Red Hook, Morgan and Police Sergeant Patrick Hildenbrand spotted each other at just about the same time.

"He has a young boy in his hands and he's running at me, yelling at me, his son is not breathing. 'I think my son is dead, my son is not breathing,'" Hildenbrand said.

cop saves boys life

What happened next is extraordinary. Morgan, now in the back seat of a police SUV held his son close to the partition and watched as the 35-year-old policeman drove to the hospital and performed CPR on the boy at the same time.

Little Matthew is now back home thanks to the heroic work of a multi-tasking police officer.

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