The Dad-Doctor Hug Photo That Everyone Is Sharing, And For Very Good Reason

July 1, 2014

This photo isn't your typical birth photo that you see posted on a photography website, but when you read the back story, you'll find just how captivating this photo really is.

Andrew Hanson on the left is giving a bear hug to Dr. Bryan Hodges moments after he delivered Hanson's son. The photo has been shared and liked by thousands on ShutterHappy Photography's Facebook page.

dad doctor hug
Sarah Ledford / ShutterHappy Photography

Photographer Sarah Ledford was the birth photographer for the birth of the Hanson's first child. For unknown and unexpected reasons, tragically their son never took his first breath at delivery. It was traumatic to all involved and this doctor was their same doctor at that time.

This photo is from the birth of their miracle "Rainbow Baby", a second son. A miracle because it took everyone by surprise that they were even pregnant again so soon after. This pregnancy came unexpectedly (they like to believe their first son had a hand in it) after it had taken them years to conceive their first.

dad doctor hug
Sarah Ledford / ShutterHappy Photography

Four months later, Karson is a happy and healthy little boy. His middle name is Klayton, in honor of his late brother.

dad doctor hug
Courtesy Amanda and Andrew Hanson


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