Giant Panda Stuns Zookeepers With Twins, While Scans Only Showed One Cub

August 18, 2016

On August 16th, the zookeepers at Schönbrunn Zoo in Austria were left stunned when they found out a giant panda, who was supposed to give birth to one little cub, had given birth to twins!

giant panda birth twins
Schönbrunn Zoo

The zoo announced the birth on August 7, but it wasn't until nine days later that they discovered the existence of a second cub. The reason that it took so long to discover the second cub is because the birth was observed by camera only, and newborn pandas are tiny.

When the keepers heard squeaks of not one, but two baby pandas, they got suspicious.

giant panda birth twins
Schönbrunn Zoo

After the first few days, the two cubs seem to be "developing very well," the zoo reports.

Watch the video from inside the breeding box here:

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