3-Legged Kitten Adopted By 2-Year-Old Amputee Share A Special Connection

January 4, 2016

At just 10 months old, Scarlette Tipton had her left arm completely amputated because of cancer.

girl and kitten amputee friends

Scarlette was born with an abnormally large left arm. It measured approximately three times the size of her right arm.

Doctors diagnosed her with Undifferenciated Spindle Cell Sarcoma.

girl and kitten amputee friends

Doc, a rescue kitten, had her right paw amputated after a car accident.

The two found each other on Christmas Eve, after the Tipton family learned about the cat on TV and visited her at the shelter. A few days later, Doc was part of the family.

girl and kitten amputee friends

"We wanted a little kitten to have [Scarlette] grow up with, so she has something that's just like her," Scarlette's mother, Simone Tipton, told Love Meow.

girl and kitten amputee friends

"She did notice that Doc had staples on her side and said 'owies'. I let her know that she had owies just like her, and she placed her hand on her side and just nodded. She recognizes that the cat has similar struggles as she does."

girl and kitten amputee friends

Watch the news report below:

(h/t) bored panda.

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