Woman Rescues Kitten Born Special While Others Decided To Give Up

October 22, 2015

Zeke the tuxedo kitten was just 13 weeks old when Lisa Jones of Super Heros Animal Hydrocephalus Society rescued him from euthanization by a local rescue.

special needs kitten rescue story

Given that he needed too much attention and time, everyone had given up on poor Zeke. But not Lisa. She got the little one on a plane from Texas to his new home in New York.

special needs kitten rescue story

Zeke was born with a medical condition called Hydrocephalus, commonly known as water on the brain. The fluid in his head does not flow properly and collects beneath the skull, putting extreme pressure on his brain and a host of other skeletal disorders including being a twisty cat.

special needs kitten rescue story

Despite his limitations, Zeke is continuing to improve every day with the care and love he needs!

"Zeke is hysterical, behaving as any normal kitten should, and despite all of his disabilities, he has a heck of A LOT OF ABILITIES!!!" Lisa wrote on Facebook.

special needs kitten rescue story

"He romps, rolls, plays and unsuccessfully tried to climb (but it was a good try) and believes his litter box is actually a sand box and digs and somersaults all around in the litter. How do you correct a behavior that is just beyond adorable??? You don't, you just make sure it's constantly clean!"

special needs kitten rescue story

"Zeke is such a smart little guy for all his issues. He knows his name, comes when you call and you can see how frustrated he actually gets with both of his front legs when he cannot do something. It is amazing the amount of higher intelligence that he possesses."

special needs kitten rescue story

"(Medically), he has a lot of issues that complicate one another and it's taking time to figure out how best to tackle each one. Eventually we'll get the whole puzzle put together so for now, one step at a time."

special needs kitten rescue story

"But despite all of his challenges, he's still a kitten at heart and loves exploring, being silly and he's even trying to climb. He's figured out that he can climb the mesh laundry basket or screen door and has managed to get all 4 feet off the floor but does not have the strength to climb yet. But I know he'll get it eventually as he grows."

special needs kitten rescue story

Zeke has bonded with Super Hero, his brother from another mother, who also was born with hydrocephalus.

special needs kitten rescue story

"Super Hero has taken Zeke under his wing and watches out for him like a little brother. If Zeke is going somewhere he isn't supposed to be, Hero herds him back into the room or redirects his attention by gently tapping him with his paw."

special needs kitten rescue story

Isn't it amazing what love can do?

(h/t) i iz cat. Learn more about Zeke and Super Hero on their Facebook page.

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