From Homeless To Hired In Less Than 6 Months

By Tanni • February 14, 2017

'D' was hired to do a job but disappeared with the money for supplies. Tried contacting him through people, phone, home. Nothing. Chalked it up to a hard lesson learned. After a week and half, 'D' shows up with supplies. He spent most of the money but said he was ready to go to work. No apologies or explanation. Anger was my first inner reaction but forgiveness was the action. Come to find out 'D' was now homeless. Pushed away, burned bridges, angered people he was living in his old beat up truck, washing up in a nearby creek. Alcohol was his everything. It was so easy to give up on but chose to give him a place to stay, food to eat, and clothes. That was 6 months ago. By the grace of God, 'D' is sober. Today he went on an interview at 9 this morning and by 2 this afternoon he was offered the job! There is a God! Sometimes it is easy to give up on those who have done you wrong. It is the God within that tells you not to give up on His children. It is the God within that knows all will be well if you have faith and pray. We did not give up. God is awesome! Thank you Father.


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