Be A Servant

By Alex Guin • December 31, 2016

The first photo was taken right after I proposed on the coast of Barbados in June of 2016. The second photo was taken the following day. After the proposal, we went to a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant and ran the bill up to $72. On the way back to the hotel, we began to laugh and ask each other what were we thinking. We had never spent that much on a single meal (or even two combined). We typically eat in and then have leftovers. We don't make a ton of money, and that's OK. I'm an athletic trainer. Athletic trainers don't make a lot of money. Thankfully, I didn't get into the profession for money. I got into it to serve others and provide the best healthcare I could. We rent a house, have a car payment, student loans, and three dogs who eat better food than we do. We save what we can so we are able to take trips like these.

We had recently been fighting and arguing more. I get down in the dumps after we fight. Or mad. Or some combination of the two. And then I look at these photos. I remind myself why I work and try to pick up any extra shifts for a future plane ticket. Look at her smile and her eyes. And the cutest nose on earth. I remind myself how I am a servant. In my profession and my relationship. It's easy to get mad and tell myself I'm right and she's wrong. It's a little tougher to bite my tongue, swallow my pride, and realize one fight isn't worth being "right". I know I make her mad sometimes. I don't clean my car or the house enough. I forget drinks on the nightstand. I snore and wake her up. I steal covers in the middle of the night. I dry her fancy clothes and unknowingly shrink them. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'd much rather be at home watching a movie with her with $27 in my bank account than have millions and be home alone. Be a servant.


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