Side Trip

By Kay Heitsch • July 18, 2016

I could see the sky was very black up ahead as I came back from a visit up north. I thought if I stopped maybe I'd stay behind it.

I was nearing the Clare, Michigan exit where Cop's & Doughnuts is located. Cops & Doughnuts is a bakery that was taken over by a group of police officers when the owners decided to close. They bought the bakery and all the recipes. At first it was just a bakery, but now the guys had made it into a tourist attraction as well. C&D are open 24-7.

It was evening when I stopped. Usually the place is bustling with guests. I'm sure regulars are there bright and early, but only a few people were around. I ordered my raspberry bismarck from a girl wearing an "Inmate" shirt. I knew it would be worth the calories.

I walked to the next room where the tables and souvenirs were located. A couple minutes later a nice young guy walked in. He was cute as he smiled looking about the room. He introduced himself as Dave. He told me that he was on a bike (bicycle) trip. He started in Akron, Ohio and was going to Traverse City, Michigan. He asked, "Is this place famous?" I told him it kinda was. I'd seen a special on TV talking about it.

Cop's & Doughnuts had places in this room to stand behind bars to have your picture taken with a sign, "Wish you were here." There was a place to stand for a "Mug" shot. I asked Dave if he wanted me to take his picture. Of course he did. I showed Dave a cup I'd bought that had written on the front. D W I (Doughnuts Were Involved.)

I was happy I had stopped and met Dave, but now I was on my way again. At first I thought I had stayed behind the storm, but a few miles down the road I knew I was right in the middle of it. The wind was fierce and the rain was so heavy I could hardly see. All of a sudden I saw the car up ahead put on the brake lights, I did the same. As I got closer I noticed 2 cars had hydroplaned and were now cross-ways on I-75. I wasn't sure what to do so I drove over on the shoulder and went around.

When I was about 10 miles from home it was barely raining. In fact, the driveway was completely dry when I pulled in. I was very thankful to be home and also happy I had met Dave. I hope I helped make a good memory for him on his trip. I know this was a side trip I won't forget for a long time.


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