Two Bodies

By C M Reddy • March 14, 2016

Do you believe that we Humans have "two bodies"?

Yes, we have two bodies. How can you confirm it. One is 'Physical body' which is visible and having Head with Sensory organs, the Limbs and main part consisting of vital organs. The other is invisible 'Emotional body' which appears to others when they think about our attitude, behaviour and actions, it comprises of the Mind, Intelligence and Conscience.

Recently one of my friend told that he was restless and had Unknown Pain. Immediately my question was in which body he had pain whether it was Physical or Emotional.

We know pretty well about the physical human body, we have been taught about various human body organs and their normal metabolic functions. Any abnormalities in their regular activities lead to diseases or ailments. Now we have remedies almost for every illness. Every disorder now is being diagnosed very easy and the cure is also followed instantaneously.For every pain on physical body, that can be localised and the required drugs are administered to relieve the pain.

But what can we do for the pain in 'Emotional body' The pain is all pervasive and can't be localised. It may be in the form of Sorrow, Fear, Panic, Distress, Discouragement, Depression, Shame etc.

Spending the days on dry run without any hope or direction when we are at peak of our difficulties.

Accepting the truth that someone hates us for no reason.

We are utterly betrayed by somebody on whom we kept all our faith and trust.

We are subjected to sheer humiliation for no fault of us.

Someone spreads all the nonsense about us to make us unpopular.

We failed inspite of all our efforts and hard work.

Fearing always that something bad would happen to us.

Then what is the 'Diagnosis' for the above emotional pains. It is to observe our 'thoughts'. Yes we have to observe our thoughts, the pattern of our thinking negative or positive, the direction in which our thoughts make progress and the period of time we think for a specific emotion. We have to 'witness' our thoughts. We have to come out of the entanglement of the ceaseless thoughts.

Next what are the medicines to be used for the remedy and relief of the pains. These are nothing but our positive thoughts never ending Love, Faith and Hope, Joy, Pride, Gratitude, Courage, Confidence etc. So filling our emotional body always with these positive thoughts would certainly give relief to all the pains.

We do protect our Physical body, yet we have to take care of our Emotional body also.


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