The Power Of Prayer

By Dominique Torrete • November 6, 2014


Year 1998, during my college day. It was a Sunday afternoon, we were in high spirit while waiting for the arrival of our weekly allowance ( it will come from the other island Sibuyan by ferry boat the only means of sending money) But to my surprise, what I had received is only a disappointment. I didn't have money at all.

And, by all odds to make it through, my boardmates Nidan, Bernard and Olive ( my girlfriend) has nothing to do but to help me to withstand for a whole week sharing all of what they have. ( thanks to them)

I survived and it was Sunday again it was unusual when our excitement was thrown by winds into the window brought by typhoon. To make the story short, ferries from Sibuyan Port failed to dock at San Agustin Port. So we were financially disabled and hopeless during that time.

Regardless of the reality that we have nothing to survive for the coming week, Bernard still find his jokes just to comport our minds and be possitive. It was the time that I am using the rocking chair of the late lolo Onofre Bocita (may his name be remembered in heaven) while devouring the jokes of cousin Enad (his nickname) I got a chance to uterred a prayer that only my soul and my heart could hear.

Then after I have done with my prayers, luckily with less than a minute I got a answer. I heared an unfamiliar voice knocking on the door and looking for me. When I open the door a stranger told me, Is that you Larry? Sorry I was not able to locate you last week and here is your weekly allowance.


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