Wholesome Dad Is Proud Of His Pineapple And The Internet's Response Is Wonderful

June 27, 2017

A dad has been trying to grow pineapple for the last year and he finally succeeded. Dad was so proud of his accomplishment, he sat down for a "studio" picture with his prized fruit.

The picture was then posted on Reddit by his 19-year-old son, user vlone17.

dad loves his pineapple
via Reddit / vlone17

The photo received more than 87,000 upvotes and earned a spot on the first page of Reddit - a pretty big accomplishment. When his son showed him that his picture went viral, he printed the picture out with all the upvotes and framed it.

"Thank you Reddit for making my dad's day!" vlone17 wrote.

dad loves his pineapple
via Reddit / vlone17

"I love this, it's so innocent! Tell your father the internet loves him!" another user commented.

The photo even earned a spot on Photoshop Battles - where this user won by reversing Dad's head and the pineapple.

dad loves his pineapple
via Reddit

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