How To Actually Make Meditation A Habit In 2017

February 13, 2017

Meditation has nothing to do with religion or spiritual practice.

It has been scientifically proven to be the best exercise for keeping a healthy mind. It's "lifting" for the mind.

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First, here is a thought concept you need to digest.

The mind is just a tool for you to use and the voice inside it is not you. You are the one who is aware of it, the one who can hear it.

When you build the habit of meditation you can hear that voice speaking all day long, because that is its job. To look for problems to solve, to comment on the weather, to think of your ex, etc. And most of the time it is talking trash about you. But when you know that whatever it says is not true, it's just its job to say things, you stop taking it seriously.

The kind of meditation I'm about to describe is called: Mindful Meditation or Vipassanā in Buddhism.

Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening in your head in any given moment without being carried away by it. What is commonly known as "being in the moment."

This gives you the ability to respond wisely to any event. Being mindful will give you a choice in any situation to take the right approach and not be carried away by your thoughts like a mad dog. And just like learning a new skill, it takes time to master.

There are two approaches to this.

1) When you go to a place to meditate to reduce distractions. (example: your bedroom)

2) When you meditate any time during the day without going "alone".

Going alone

Do this at least 15 minutes a day.

  • Set an alarm before you do it, to avoid thinking about the time.
  • Sit with your back straight.
  • Do not close your eyes completely and choose a fixed point in front of you to stare.
  • Now, bring your attention to the FEELING of the breath. (It can be on your stomach, throat, nose, etc.)

This will be boring but do not worry we all feel this at first.

"The whole game is just to notice when your mind is wandering and to come back to your breath, over and over and over... And when you do that, it is a bicep curl for your brain." ~ Dan Harris.

Whenever you're attention drifts, GENTLY bring it back to the FEELING of your breath. DO NOT FIGHT IT OR GET ANGRY.

At first your thoughts will suddenly take you away like a furious train. This is normal. You are breaking a life time habit and the mind will not give you an easy fight. It will try to fool you because you were so attached to it. You will have fear, because it will be like losing yourself. Do not go with this. Stick to your mission, be consistent.


You can meditate wherever you are. It is difficult because distractions will be more likely. But if you find yourself bored, waiting at a red light or in a doctor's office, walking down the street, eating: choose to meditate.

Make a choice to be where you are and observe what is happening. Stop playing Candy Crush. Exercise your mind. Actually feel and see the world around you.

Watch this "How to Meditate for Beginners" video here:

Written by Philip Ghezelbash.

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