Watch This Guy Fly To 15,000 Feet On A 'Powered Lawn Chair'

January 27, 2017

This guy has taken paramotoring to the next level.

A paramotor is basically a motor and propeller attached to a chair with a wing. It's often called a powered paraglider.

amazing paramotor videos
Instagram / tuckergott

paramotor record
Instagram / tuckergott

Meet Tucker Gott.

amazing paramotor videos
Instagram / tuckergott

He runs a "ParaVlog" on YouTube where he records his flights and continuously breaks his personal altitude records.

He also loves cats. This is Trixie.

paramotor record 15000 feet
Instagram / tuckergott

In his new video, Tucker decided to attempt 12,000 feet on his paramotor - an altitude he's never reached. But when 12,000 feet took less time than expected, he ventured on to 15,000 feet.

Watch the awesome video here:

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