Students Surprise Teacher With Two Kittens After Her Cat Dies

January 14, 2018

Tonya Andrews, a teacher at Joshua High School in Texas, was distraught when her 16-year-old cat died. But Andrews' tears of sadness turned to those of joy when her students surprised her with two adorable kittens.

Videos posted on Twitter show students Ashlei Mahan and Rachel Hanhart consoling their math teacher with balloons and flowers. They then hand over the kittens, and Andrews' reaction is priceless.

Part 1

"I cried pretty much every period that next day at school," Andrews told the Huffington Post. "I thought something was afoot, however, when only half of my class was in my room second period the next day when the tardy bell rang."

She said one of her students walked in with a dozen roses. Others brought in homemade cupcakes and balloons.

"I was smiling so big by then because I could feel the love of the class," Andrews said. "But then, Rachel walked in holding two precious kittens."

Andrews said she initially thought the kittens belonged to Rachel.

"Then she held them out to me and said they were mine. My heart was filled with joy."

Part 2

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