Blind Cat Gives His Favorite Pianist A Hug Every Time He Hears Him Play

September 19, 2017

A pianist who rescues cats off the streets has shown the world how they've become his most loyal audience.

Sarper Duman, a pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, recorded this video of him playing piano with one of his beloved cats. He titled the video "If you want a true love, love animals."

"I always play piano at my home almost every night and whenever I sit to play, all my cats come around, they hang out with me and they love to sleep around the piano," Duman told Love Meow.

But it's a recent video Duman posted that is something truly special.

Namik, one of his nine rescued cats, is blind. And this is what Namik does to his phone every time he plays his songs from his phone.

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