'In Sickness And In Health': Wife Mows Grass For Exhausted Husband Who Refuses To Leave Her Side

August 4, 2017

Some people driving by may have questioned why this man was watching his wife mow the lawn, but the story behind the photo is beautiful.

wife mow grass for husband story
Credit: Facebook / Adam Bosler / Love What Matters

Friend and neighbor Adam Bosler snapped the picture of the couple and shared it on Facebook with the following message:

"What you see, is a woman pushing a lawn mower with her husband beside her. Some of you may question that. What you don't know, is I'm honored to call these people my friends. Meet the Armisteads. Jessica and Ryan. Ryan goes for dialysis 3 times a week pending a kidney transplant. As a police officer and active member of his community he strives STILL to be what every man should be. Today Ryan was out back cutting his lawn showing obvious signs of exhaustion. His wife Jessica noticing this, immediately rushed to change her clothes and relieve him. Even after surrendering the mower, much against his will, he still walked beside his wife as she took over the task. I think every husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend could really learn from this. No matter what, they're side by side, helping one another and never leaving the other one behind. If there's anything I can learn from these good friends, it's the loyalty they put forth together."

Thousands of people have been touched by the love and loyalty displayed by the Armisteads and many have written to Adam asking how they can help. He decided to set up a YouCaring page - without the couple's knowledge - to raise money to purchase a riding lawnmower for the hardworking couple.

"THIS IS NOT A REQUEST from the Armisteads," Adam noted. "Theyre actually sleeping at the moment and have no clue 😂😂 I'll deal with them tomorrow 😂😂. This is a very hard working family and simply a request from people wanting an opportunity to do something nice for such an amazing family."

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