Moss Shower Mats Live Off The Water That Drips Off Of You After A Shower

December 14, 2015

After a shower, it's nice to step out onto something soft. How about a bed of fluffy moss?

moss shower mat

Moss shower mats live off the water that drips off of you as you exit the shower. And for $200, you can buy your own. OR... we can make one for much, much less.

It's also a fun project to do with your kids, grandkids or friends!

moss shower mat

Here's what you need to get started:

1. Your favorite kind of Moss
2. Some kind of high density foam, about 1 inch thick
3. Silicone sealer
4. Poster board or something similar for creating stencils
5. Sharp knife
6. A marker
7. A spray bottle and water

moss shower mat

Stack two layers of mat material (high density foam) on a hard surface and draw an organic shape with chalk or marker. The textured side should be down.

moss shower mat

Cover only the top mat with moss holes. And remember that small sections will prevent the moss from over-growing out of control. Spread a layer of silicone on the back of the mat with the cut out shapes as shown in the picture below.

moss shower mat

Next, press the two pieces together, being careful to align the edges. This will create a single mat about 1-inch thick with spaces for filling in with moss. When the silicone is dry after 3 or 4 hours, spray the mat with a mist of water. Let this soak in then spray another mist.

Finally, fill each hole in the top layer of the mat with moss plugs, such as Irish moss, Spanish moss and many others, which can be purchased online, here.

moss shower mat

Plant a variety of moss for color interest.

moss shower mat

The soft, green moss will feel great on your feet, while it absorbs the water dripping from your body as you towel off on it.

(h/t) conspiracy watch.

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